Building that Dream Home in Brunswick Forest

For anyone seeking the perfect location for where to build their dream home, you’re going to love the coastal community of Brunswick Forest in Leland, North Carolina. This is a prime location just 10 minutes from the historic city of Wilmington. The region offers a mild year round climate and plenty of opportunities for golf, shopping and unlimited entertainment nearby.

Brunswick Forest home designers Our Brunswick Forest home designers would love to be involved in the process of conceptualizing and building your new home. Located on 4,500 heavily wooded acres that contain parks, nature trails and waterways. this is an ideal location for any nature lover. Surrounded by upscale estates along the fairways to low maintenance patio homes you’ll have a vast choice of home styles and location in this neighborhood.

The community has its own vibrant town center where you’ll enjoy the convenience of having medical services, shopping opportunities and plenty of places to dine out. When you’re ready to begin the process of making the dream of your next home come true, come talk to our Brunswick Forest home designers. We’re knowledgeable in not just home design but in the entire construction process as well. We’ll show you 3D computer designs of your dream home where it will be easy to make adjustments and tweak the design before the building process even begins. Then we’ll stay with you, overseeing the construction of your dream home and keeping you apprised of the process along the way. We assure you that you’ll love how close the final home is the representation we show you in the design phase.

Give us a call at 910-754-9999 and let’s discuss working together to get your dream home built in Brunswick Forest, North Carolina.

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